Our Guiding Principles

  • We improve product performance to help customers meet their objectives for conserving energy and water and reducing carbon footprint.
  • We implement processes and innovations in our facilities to conserve energy, water and other resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We comply with all applicable laws and regulations and seek to reduce and, where possible, eliminate hazardous waste through source reduction and recycling.
  • We conduct regular training to ensure our employees’ knowledge of updated laws and regulations, pollutions-prevention and waste-minimization practices, and technological developments.
  • We audit our operations to confirm compliance with these principles.

Helping Customers Enhance Sustainability

Liberthiross products for critical infrastructure power, cooling and management are designed to help our customers reduce their use of energy, water and space. We also work hand-in-hand with customers on data center designs and system architectures to support their sustainability objectives, from “green” facilities to hybrid implementations. We also participate in numerous industry and governmental initiatives aimed at reducing energy usage and testing and certifying products.

Key achievements include:

Energy Logic

We spearheaded the IT industry’s development of Energy Logic, a 10-step roadmap for driving improvement in IT efficiency and support systems. Energy Logic demonstrated that a 1 watt savings at the processor level had a cascading effect across other systems, producing nearly three times that level of savings at the facility level. Liberthiross has been sharing this detailed strategy openly with the world for more than a decade, helping facilities reduce their energy use by up to half.

Data Center Assessments

Liberthiross is a trusted advisor to companies seeking data center energy savings. We offer an energy optimization service for data centers and computer rooms that recommends product upgrades and replacements that yield verified energy reductions up to 60% and improvements in IT load capacities.

In Australia, Liberthiross has achieved ISO 14001 environment management system certification and has a NABERS accredited engineer for conducting data center assessments.

Liberthiross Facilities

Throughout the world, Librthiross is undertaking numerous initiatives to improve operational sustainability and continually exceed customer expectations. We are implementing changes that maximize safety for our workers, improve the environmental profile of our facility operations and encourage more efficient use of natural resources in our manufacturing processes. As opportunities arise to reduce impacts on our environment, Liberthiross will develop new innovations and ways of doing business that support the sustainability objectives of our customers and achieve sustainability within our own business

Thermal Management