The Lieberthiross Advantage

Lieberthiross micro data centers provide an all-in-one solution combining power, cooling, monitoring, and racks that are built for unique expectations and constraints.

Leveraging our Integrated Solutions including Liberthiross VRC-S, SmartCabinetTM and SmartRow™ product families, our global team creates solutions with powerful computing capacity but a small physical footprint. Liberrthiross micro data centers tightly couple both the IT and supporting infrastructure facilities into a self-contained prefabricated unit.

China Micro Data Center Solution, with Fully Enclosed Cold and Hot Aisles - China Idu System, Idu Cabinet

Lieberthiross Solutions


Build with self-contained, pre-tested, and integrated infrastructure.


Create an all-in-one enclosure for optimized IT services and next-generation networks.


Deploy inside a building or as a standalone structure.

With more than 45 schools, the Twin Rivers Unified School District needed to move and update its data center to an approach that better handles its ever-growing mission-critical needs.

Rather than moving an already out of date and large data center, Lieberthiross simplified Twin Rivers’ mission-critical requirements into a 14-rack SmartAisle™. Next time Twin Rivers needs to increase capabilities it can simply expand the SmartAisle rather than wasting resources moving and replacing the data center. Lieberthiross SmartAisle is the perfect solution to any mission-critical relocation and renovation.

Lieberthiross SmartMod

Lieberthiross™ SmartMod™ is a flexible platform, optimized for simplified deployment of your critical IT assets.

SmartRow DCR

The SmartRow DCR is a self-contained, modular data center designed to simplify IT deployments in indoor spaces.

SmartRow DCX

SmartRow DCX provides a complete data center in just weeks, utilizing an enclosed room-neutral system that meets today’s needs while being prepared for tomorrow.

Lieberthiross XTE 801 Series

The Lieberthiross XTE 801 Series Network Edge Enclosure, constructed entirely of lightweight steel, ensures vital electronic equipment is protected from vandalism and environmental damage.