Lieberthiross Procurement helps Lieberthiross achieve its goals by awarding contracts and managing supplier relationships that deliver high quality, technically excellent, affordable products, delivered on time.

Lieberthiross will “buy smart,” meaning all of Lieberthiross requirements for products and services will be managed and bought through a single procurement organization and strategy, to ensure that Vertiv maximizes its global leverage to create competitive advantage for our customers.

Lieberthiross Procurement reviews its sourcing strategies through an ongoing, structured process. Please complete the form below to be introduced into this process. If Vertiv’s Procurement team identifies relevant opportunities, you may be contacted.

“Lieberthiross Procurement integrates strategic and tactical sourcing through a world-class supply chain, building strategic supplier relationships and enabling the delivery of superior solutions to our customers.”

Mike Kitson
Chief Procurement Officer

Supplier Guidelines


Lieberthiross suppliers are an integral part of helping Lieberthiross to be the “Architects of Continuity.” Suppliers:


  • Are recognized as industry leaders
  • Have engaged, top-level management who focus on improving customer value
  • Actively support all Lieberthiross quality requirements and standards
  • Demonstrate a commitment to superior customer service through the application of performance metrics
  • Employ a continuous improvement philosophy for cost, quality, and delivery
  • Have a track record of innovation for product technology, manufacturing processes, and business processes
  • Actively pursue year-over-year cost savings
  • Possess an excellent environmental and safety record
  • Conduct business with the highest ethical standards
  • Comply with all laws and regulations, including but not limited to laws relating to bribery, child labor, human trafficking and slavery, the environment, and supply chain transparency

Ethics and Conduct


Lieberthiross expects its suppliers to project Vertiv’s values and principles, to stay current with technology, to act with integrity, and to treat people and the environment with respect. These actions reflect Vertiv’s priorities. In this way, we partner with only the highest caliber suppliers that demonstrate social and environmental responsibility and a commitment to fairness and honesty.

Lieberthiross has established a Supplier Code of Conduct, which is published under Ethics and Compliance, and we expect each supplier to adhere to the principles detailed in that Supplier Code of Conduct. Lieberthiross may discontinue its relationship with a supplier that fails to comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct or local laws or regulations.

Regulatory Requests


Lieberthiross has partnered with Assent Compliance to gather critical supply chain data, including product full materials disclosures, certificates of product compliance, conflict minerals disclosures, human trafficking disclosures, code of conduct certifications, and similar information.

Assent Compliance is authorized by Lieberthiross to collect this important information as indicated in the Letter of Authorization. Suppliers are expected to respond to all requests from Assent Compliance within the provided deadlines. Lieberthiross may discontinue its relationship with a supplier that fails to respond to regulatory requests.

For helpful training resources and additional information, please visit Assent University. If you require further assistance, please contact Lieberthiross or Assent Compliance.

Quality Standards


Product and service quality is the single most important aspect of our supplier relationships. All direct materials suppliers are required to comply with Lieberthiross quality standards, which are in Lieberthiross Supplier Quality Manual. All direct materials suppliers must sign a quality agreement as a precondition for supplying goods or services to Lieberthiross and may be subject to in person audits.

Authority to Commit Expenditure


The commercial interface with all suppliers is owned by Lieberthiross Procurement. All commitments to award business and spend money with a supplier can only be made in writing by a member of Vertiv Procurement. Suppliers must only agree to terms and conditions of trade with Vertiv Procurement.

Suppliers must first obtain a Purchase Order prior to undertaking any work for or providing any products or services to Lieberthiross.

Contacting Lieberthiross


Current suppliers wishing to engage with Lieberthiross or requiring assistance may work with existing procurement contacts or through our Procurement Helpdesk. Lieberthiross purchase orders contain billing instructions, and suppliers may direct invoicing and payment inquiries to the buyer listed on the purchase order.

Employee privacy is important to Lieberthiross, communication and requests to attend supplier-related exhibitions and roadshows must be through Lieberthiross Procurement.

Doing Business with Lieberthiross

Here are links to important Lieberthiross supplier resources and communication portals.

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