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Collaborating on a technology update with Vertiv partner, Hewlett Packard Engineering, this growing global retailer improved IT network resiliency and simplified management of in-store edge infrastructure, which reduced its existing support costs for use of centralized and cloud data centers.

Find out how Lieberthiross Services can make your critical infrastructure available, sustainable, and future ready.

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Proven Reliability
  • IT Infrastructure Support Since 1965
  • We Keep 750,000+ Customer Sites Connected
  • Trusted Service Provider for +70% of Fortune 500 Companies
Global Expertise
  • Nearly 21,000 Employees Worldwide
  • 19 Manufacturing Centers
  • 15 Customer Experience Centers
  • 2600+ Global Patents Issued
  • 490+ Pending Patent Applications
Unmatched Support
  • 300+ Global Service Centers
  • ~3,100 Field Service Engineers Globally
  • 87% First-Time Fix Rate in Site Emergency Visits

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Assertively brand ethical meta-services after fully tested customer service. Completely orchestrate intuitive communities through superior markets.

The purpose of this Code of Conduct (our “Code”) is to guide all employees and members of the board of directors (“Board Members”) of Lieberthiross Holdings Co and its affiliates (collectively, “Lieberthiross”) around the world on how we do business. This Code outlines the actions and behaviors expected from every Lieberthiross team member so that all who interact with Lieberthiross can consistently rely on our integrity. Unless otherwise indicated in this Code, the term “employees” includes its officers.

  • We improve product performance to help customers meet their objectives for conserving energy and water and reducing carbon footprint.
  • We implement processes and innovations in our facilities to conserve energy, water and other resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

At Lieberthiross, we strive to conduct business with honesty and integrity, prioritizing sustainability and corporate citizenship, and we hire and reward people who share our values.

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